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Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Who can join the library?

    Any citizen who has attained 14 years of age.

  2. Can a child join the library?

    No, the library records only 14 years old with a birth certificate, a copy of the passport of one of the parents and reference from the school.

  3. Is it possible to join the library without registration in Tashkent?

    It is possible in the presence of an identity document: passport, military identification card or a residence permit in the Republic of Uzbekistan

  4. Can foreign citizen or stateless person join the library?

    It is possible in the presence of an identity document: passport, residence permit in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  5. What documents are required for entry to the library?

    Identity documents: passport, military ID or residence permit in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is also desirable to produce the recording:


    Student ticket - students of secondary special educational institutions;


    Student ticket - students in higher education

  6. How much is the ID card?

    The cost of ID card - 7000 sum.

  7. What is the term of use ID cards?

    Following the rules for use of ID card period of validity is 3 years.

  8. What to do in case of lost ID cards?

    In case of loss of ID cards need to: • immediately notify the person or call +99871 232 83 94 to register the service users and the issuing of literature. • In case of loss or damage to the ID-card for the restoration of the ID-card user writes a statement. After consideration of the application the user pays the cost of lost ID-card in a single size.

  9. Can I come to the library with child?

    The right to use the information and library resources and library services available to every citizen from the age of 14 in the presence of an identity document. For children aged 3 to 8 years the children's room provides its services.


  10. Can I use a single ID card together?

    No. In accordance with the Terms of Use of the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi "ID card may not be transferred to others and to use ID cards of other persons."

  11. Can I get a single ID card, if there is no passport?

    No, there is no single library cards and tickets. The issue of single tickets in advance is considered.

  12. Which mode of operation of the library?

    The library is open on the following schedule: daily: Monday - Friday: from 9.00 to 20.00; Saturday and Sunday: from 9.00 to 17.00. On the eve of public holidays in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Library schedule


    Record readers 9.00-17.00, Saturday and Sunday 9.00-15.00;


    Large reading room "Tafakkur" 9.00-20.00, Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00;


    Youth and Student Hall "Istikbol" 9.00-20.00, Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00;


    Science Reading Room "Kashfiёt" 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00;


    Manuscripts Reading Room, unique and valuable editions of "Nadir" 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    "Jahon" reading room of foreign literature: 9.00-18.00, Saturday: 9.00 - 17.00, Sunday day off;


    Reading room of scientific and technical literature: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    Reading Room of national literature and history of the country "O'zbekiston" 9.00-20.00, Saturday, Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00


    Hall directories and files, electronic catalog: 9.00-19.00, Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00;


    Virtual reference service: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday: closed specialized reading rooms:


    The legal information center and the official publications "Adolat" 9.00-20.00, Saturday, Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00


    Printed music "Ijod" editions: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    reading room theses "Ilm" 9.00-19.00, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 - 17.00;


    Media - and the Internet Centre "Markaz Media" 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    Digital Library: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    User Facilities Disabled: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    Service Interlibrary Loan and Electronic Document Delivery: 9.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    Museum of the book: 10.00 - 15.00, Saturday and Sunday 11.00-15.00;


    Children's room: 10.00-16.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    Showroom: 10.00-16.00, Saturday and Sunday day off;


    * Cinema: 10.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-16.00;


    * The library does not work on public holidays and sanitary days (the last business day of the month).


    * In exceptional cases, (in case of a state-level events) Library has the right to make changes to the operating mode. Informing users about changes made in advance through the information stands of the Library.


    * Virtual user services are provided through an Internet portal Library (http://www.natlib.uz).

  13. How the Library tour held?

    Tours are available upon request. Contact phone: 232 83 94 (paid service).

  14. Can I learn about literature that is needed?

    You can get this in: • Reference Service information service specialist consultant in person or by phone 232-83-94;


    • in the hall of directories and files personally. (2nd floor)


    • using an electronic catalog.

  15. Are the library books given home?

    Literature is only for use in the reading rooms.

  16. Is there a library books in electronic form?

    Currently, work is underway to digitize library collections. In the library the works of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, legal documents, works of classics of Uzbek literature, a collection of rare books and others are in electronic form.

  17. How is the order for literature?

    Receiving orders "today" cease one hour before closing the library. But orders for the next few days will be accepted until the end of working day of the library.

  18. How long does the order for literature take?

    Orders are carried out for 15-20 minutes.

  19. Can I order books via the website or by phone?

    Yes, you can order books through the Internet Portal Library (http // www.natlib.uz) (electronic catalog). Literature Order is not carried out by phone.

  20. Can I take pictures of the book?

    No. In special cases with the permission of administration. This service provides scanning Centre.

  21. Can I come with a camera in the Library?

    Coming with a camera is prohibited.

  22. Can I come with books in the Library?

    In the library, you can bring books in (up to 5 units), after registering them on duty expert on the 1st floor.


  23. Can I print information from your electronic media?

    You can print out the price list of paid services

  24. Can I use a laptop in the library?

    You can.

  25. What are the conditions for the user experience on the Internet?

    Internet using is available in the reading rooms (45 minutes a day free of charge), as well as in the media and internet center (see the price list).

  26. Does the library to connect to the Internet via wi-fi?

    Yes it Connects to the Internet via wi-fi is.

  27. Can I make a black-and-white, color photocopy, scanning of documents?

    Yes. According to the price list.

  28. Can I copy dissertations defended in Uzbekistan?

    n style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 14px;"> Copying of dissertations defended in the Republic of Uzbekistan is allowed in the amount of not more than 15% of the total volume of the document. Copying electronic versions is carried out only by printing. Manuscripts theses be copied only by scanning in advance customized.

  29. What document is required to use theses in the hall's?

    In addition to ID cards other documents are not required.

  30. How do I know when and where was published a law, decree or other legal act?

    When you visit to the library, the reading room "Adolat" as well as on the website Lex.uz

  31. What lists have for additional services to the user?

    Photocopying, scanning, printing files, compiling the bibliography on the subject, etc. (See. Pricelist)

  32. Where is the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Navoi situated?

    City Street, Tashkent. Navoi 1, in the "Marifat Markazi" building code 100017 library.

  33. Internet portal of the library?


  34. I found a publication in the catalog, with what reading room should I contact?

     When the National Bank records on your ID card, it is indicated the Department of Circulation, where you must turn.

  35. How many books can I order at one time?

    Every user can order up to 10 titles at a time. More can be ordered immediately after the return of the first order. Books (leave on the shelf in the Circulation department to use later) can be no more than 10 books.

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  37. What literature is available to users?

    The library fund is universal. There are books on all branches of science and technology. The advantage is given to humanitarian, social and political and social sciences, scientific and educational literature.

  38. What a rare and highly valuable funds available in the library?

    The National Library keeps rare and highly valuable editions of XVI-XX centuries. These manuscripts, oriental lithography, the first Turkestan newspapers and magazines, monographs and scientific works of the Orientalists. (Total in the service of manuscripts, unique and especially valuable publications collected more than 16 thousand books, fund of old and rare books has more than 200 thousand units. Storage XIX- early XX centuries.).

  39. Does the library have relationship with foreign countries, with their information and library resources?

    National Library cooperates with many foreign countries national libraries - Poland, the USA, Egypt, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, CIS countries and others that promote the active exchange of information.

  40. How to find the right books to the electronic catalog?

    The user can search the literature by author, name, keywords, etc.

  41. What are the works of Uzbek poets and classic-writers are available in the library in electronic format?

    You can currently get the full texts of works by the great Uzbek classics such as Navoi, and others.

  42. Is it possible to read the newspaper in the Library?

    Yes. The library has a large collection of daily and weekly local newspapers, and Russian in printed form which can be read in the comfortable rooms.

  43. When the library is held Conversation Club ( "Speaking club")?

    Conversation Club is held in the library on a regular basis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 15:00. Extraordinary meetings Speaking Club announce further on the bulletin board.

  44. Can I rent a netbook in the library?

    You can, leaving to pledge a passport or student ID card and paying 3000 sum for a netbook rent (for 3 hours). Take the netbook home can not.

  45. Who can participate in the events held at the library?

    Any user, carrying an identity document (passport, etc.) or a reader's ID card.

  46. Can I register without coming to the library?

    763/5000 Mozhete, pol'zovatelyu predostavlyayetsya vozmozhnost' obrashchat'sya v Biblioteku kak putem neposredstvennogo poseshcheniya, tak i v rezhime udalennogo dostupa (registratsiya ONLINE). Dlya etogo neobkhodimo zapolnit' kartochku registratsii na sayte ibs.natlib.uz Avtorizatsiya na sayte Natsional'noy biblioteki dast Vam vozmozhnost' poluchit' elektronnyy chitatel'skiy bilet i osushchestvlyat' poisk tol'ko na sayte biblioteki po elektronnomu katalogu. Dlya polucheniya dopolnitel'nykh uslug, takikh kak zakaz bumazhnogo varianta izdaniya, predostavleniye dostupa v chital'nyye zaly biblioteki, k elektronnym resursam, litsenzionnym bazam dannykh i elektronnym versiyam izdaniy i t.d., Vam neobkhodimo zaregistrirovat'sya v kachestve pol'zovatelya v samoy biblioteke i poluchit' plastikovyy chitatel'skiy bilet. You can, the user is given the opportunity to access the Library both by direct access and in remote access mode (registration ONLINE). To do this, you must fill in the registration card at ibs.natlib.uz The authorization on the site of the National Library will give you the opportunity to receive an electronic library ticket and search only on the library's website via the electronic catalog. To obtain additional services, such as ordering a paper edition of the publication, providing access to the library's reading rooms, electronic resources, licensed databases and electronic versions of publications, etc., you need to register as a user in the library and receive a plastic reader's ticket .