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Dear readers!

We opened the portal Virtual reference service (VSS) a new page “Sourse of resources” where you can get the answer to any question. Staff Service information services (ISSS) will help you find literature on the topic. If you are writing a thesis or scientific paper, report or article, term paper or essay and don't know where to begin the search, in any departments of the Fund to spend it and what books is better to use. Skilled librarians will help you find books or articles to directories or libraries to establish their presence in the library.

In search of the requested information to the bibliographer needs time, so the answer can come to you within 2-3 working days.

But, before you send your request, check out the page “Sourse of resources”, maybe someone already interested in this topic. Here is a collection of answers to various questions our readers, for example:

Hello! I need literature on “International and diplomatic relations ”.
I'm doing a paper on National holidays and traditions in Uzbekistan. Thanks in advance.
I collect materials about Alisher Navoi (his life and work).
Good day! I'm looking for materials on the subject: “the Ancient city Bukhara” (the development and culture of the city).
Hello, please help pick up the books for a course on the topic: “national issue in Uzbekistan.”

If you do not find the necessary information in the “Source of resources”, ask your question, and we will try to help you. See you soon!


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